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06.04.2015 17:50
Hi Linda,I know that many writers, even fomaus ones, have trouble with endings. My issue is beginnings. I had a hell of a time getting this one started and I feel the beginning is still the weakest in the whole story. To fix the ending dilemma, I outline my stories backwards and begin at the end. I'm very pleased with how this first one ended, and it does end with a huge opening for the next one. The Wrong Way Down is the beginning of a series, which is common with fantasy. It isn't so much that there is a sequel, but more that this giant story will need a couple books to tell it correctly. Originally, what is now the first three books, was one Robert Jordan-sized' volume. As an unknown author, I figured it to be wisest to break it into three parts. Speaking for myself, I don't mind investing 200-300 pages in a new author, but 600-800 is a lot of time.Thanks for the great question,Jake

06.04.2015 13:16
I would also recomend TTFGen ( You can use any TTF file you want (just upoald it to your server). Especially now that it has a wordpress plugin, it's very easy to use.

14.02.2014 23:33
Craftsmen/artisans should be cheaper

galerist Jana 20.01.2011 10:32
Hea näitusekülastaja!
See siin on virtuaalne külalisteraamat, kust kunstnikud saavad lugeda Teie poolset tagasisidet.
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